Ecological and long-lasting wood chips can be used in different landscaping applications. They show their effectiveness in protecting the surface and in interior/exterior decorations every day. While wood chips give a modern and clean look to landscape, they also provide many benefits to the soil. Find here all the applications and technical information for wood chips produced specifically for the landscaping sector.


  • Porous Surfacing

    Engineered wood aggregate is compatible with both cement and resin to make porous surfaces. They provide an attractive, practical, hard-wearing and low maintenance surface with endless design possibilities. Find here different solutions and required technical information for Resin and Cement bound wood aggregate.

  • Playground Surfacing

    Engineered wood chips are also used as a shock-absorbing material for playground surfaces. It is long-lasting, more economical and easy to install and to maintain. Find all the technical information to determine the critical fall height and thus fulfill the European Standard EN 1177: Impact Absorbing Playground Surfaces.

  • Mulches & Barks

    Wood comes in forms that include mulches and barks. Each of these types comes from a different tree or different part of the tree, causing subtle variations between them. Knowing the differences helps you make the best choice for condition requirements. Find here all technical information and application areas for mulches and barks for landscaping.

  • Turf Regeneration & Maintenance

    Stabilized wood chips are also used to make top dressing for lawn renovation and restoration. They improve soil structure and encourage rooting and denser grass growth. Find here application areas and technical information for top dressings.

  • Urban Planning
    AGRESTA offers some other products that you can combine with main ones for urban planning and development. They will help you to have both a clean environment and an aesthetic appearance. Here you can find more information about products, application areas and advantages.