Lightweight wood aggregate concrete offers considerable weight and insulation advantages over other forms of concrete and can be used in many different applications. In precast elements sector, lightweight wood concrete can be an alternative to the heavy weighted concrete for prefabrication production and energy-efficient buildings; it reduces dead load and increases speed of construction. Because lightweight wood concrete has a very high acoustic insulation, its use as absorbing panels in noise barriers has become the norm on highways, roads and factories.

  • Noise barriers made with AGRESLITH-AC® are highly sound absorbent. They reduce noise of highways, railways or industrial noise sources by absorbing the sound and transmitting it through the cavities in the wall due to its porous surface. The energy is forced to follow a longer path over and around the barriers.

  • Lightweight precast concrete made with AGRESLITH-C® is eco-friendly and can be used for any kind of construction and renovation. Combination of wood and concrete ensures thermal-acoustic insulation. Besides its energy efficiency and aesthetic versatility, it also provides outstanding durability (resistant to rot, mold growth, etc.) and rapid construction.