Playground Surfacing 

Engineered wood chips are also used as a shock-absorbing material for playground surfaces. It is long-lasting, more economical and easy to install and to maintain. Find all the technical information to determine the critical fall height and thus fulfill the European Standard EN 1177: Impact Absorbing Playground Surfaces.

  • LUDOSOL® is a shock absorbing material for playground surfaces. A 25 cm layer of wood chips protects children from serious head injury to a fall of up to 3m. In accordance with European Standard EN 1176-1. It is mineralized in order to be more durable, long-lasting and hygienic. 5 colours are available to make playgrounds more attractive and enjoyable.

  • AMI-NET is a non-chemical anti-defecation product designed to keep open air areas clean, without any animal waste. AMI-NET differs from conventional repellents, while others' aim is sending animals away; AMI-NET just avoids their willingness to defecate to the protected area by creating a food smell atmosphere.