Porous Surfacing 

Engineered wood aggregate is compatible with both cement and resin to make porous surfaces. They provide an attractive, practical, hard-wearing and low maintenance surface with endless design possibilities. Find here different solutions and required technical information for Resin and Cement bound wood aggregate.

  • PERMEO® is a mixture of engineered wood aggregate and cement which provides porous surface for many different applications. The implementation is very easy and the result is very aesthetic. It is available in 8 different colours. It will give you a practical and hard-wearing surface with endless design possibilities.

  • ORGACOLOR® is a wood aggregate used with resin to create permeable surfaces. It is available in 25 colours. Transparent resin allows wood chips to keep their colour and gives a brighter, modern look. It is an alternative to traditionally used gravels. It surrounds trees with a solid and flexible surface which prevents a buildup of litter.