Coloured Mulches 

Coloured wood chips are the most wanted products for events, decorations, exhibitions and shows. They are long-lasting and they provide perfect colour stability with nice shine in time. Coloured mulches can match with urban and rural environment due to its wide range of colours. They are recyclable and compostable after their use. Here you can find application areas, colour charts, specifications and implementation methods. 

  • ORGACOLOR® is a high quality, ecological and long-lasting decorative mulch. 23 colours are available in order to match with your environment. It can be used for various applications to give an aesthetic look or to highlight plants, objects or areas.

  • MULCHEO® Copper is a coloured spruce wood chip, exclusively derived from the forests of Vosges. This mulch was developed to protect and highlight small plants due to its perfect calibrated size. It decorates landscapes with its attractive colour while making them look clean for years.

  • COPEO® Copper is an eco-friendly coloured mulch, derived from softwood sawmills. This colourful version gives a modern look while decorating the planted area. Its characteristics provide durability and efficiency to it. COPEO® Copper is especially adapted for the protection and decoration of large plants. Its calibrated appearance makes your landscape...