Urban Planning 

AGRESTA offers some other products that you can combine with main ones for urban planning and development. They will help you to have both a clean environment and an aesthetic appearance. Here you can find more information about products, application areas and advantages.

  • All types of products are milled, sliced and drilled to carry out your projects. Both rustic and natural in appearance, it is easily installed and able to cope with variations in ground conditions.

  • AMI-NET is a non-chemical anti-defecation product designed to keep open air areas clean, without any animal waste. AMI-NET differs from conventional repellents, while others' aim is sending animals away; AMI-NET just avoids their willingness to defecate to the protected area by creating a food smell atmosphere.

  • Polyurethane resins PU-R 181 and PU-R 183 are ready for use liquid products. They don't require hardener or thinner during implementation. Transparent resin allows wood chips to keep their colour and gives a brighter, modern look. Ideal for making permeable, aesthetic and durable surface.