A French Process Since 1977

After a selection and a careful choice of raw material by the Vosges Mountains, AGRESTA produces high quality, ecological and long-lasting wood chips for both professional and individual usage. To be able to offer pure, unpolluted and consistent wood chips, products are made by precisely defined and controlled spruce logs. Logs are crushed and calibrated in different sizes; then stabilized by temperature and mineralizing treatment.


Local And Renewable Raw Material

Raw material is gathered from forests near the factory in a radius of 50 km (approx. 30 mi). As a quality standard logs larger than 25cm in diameter are not accepted. They are thinning wood from forest maintenance works. This strategy ensures consistency in the quantity and quality of supplies while reducing the environmental impact of transport by promoting work of local loggers regarding to the development of a green industry.


Ensuring A Full Traceability

AGRESTA’s engineered wood chips are made from a single type of wood: Spruce. Waste wood or previously used wood can not enter to the production for related reasons below:

  • To ensure quality and stability of products.
  • To avoid using different types and different ages of wood for having a constant density.
  • Lack of knowledge of previously usage area and intended purpose.
  • To offer pure material without contamination from any previous treatment.

AGRESTA’s quality department analysis every production to ensure that final product meets required quality specifications. Each final product has a label which identifies date of manufacture. Quality control results of production (grain size curve and humidity tests) can be sent if required.


Being A Solution Partner For Our Customers

AGRESTA’s customer service committed to provide maximum information and solution in case of need. Our website is a part of our technical support which offers a rich database for you. Our trained logistic team facilitates deliveries for you according to the deadlines. AGRESTA’s commercial structure, composed of professional technical advisers, will help you answer any and all of your questions.