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R. C. W. (Ramial Chipped Wood)

R.C.W. (Ramial Chipped Wood) is a mixture of small limbs, twigs and branches of hardwoods. It is used for mulching, fertilizing, and soil enrichment. It is processed into small pieces; the resulting product has a high ratio of cambium to cellulose and is higher in nutrients. Researches into forest soils and ecosystems led to recognition of value of this material.

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The primary aim of a RCW is to get closer to the agronomic status of the forest soil by decomposing rapidly to free up humus and improve the soil structure (clay-humus complex).
Its life expectancy is 6 to 18 months.

Application Areas :

R.C.W. (Ramial Chipped Wood) is suitable for trees, shrubs, roses, perennials and grasses.
This technique is particularly recommended for rocky soils or soils with low microbiological activity.
Ramial chipped wood RCW R.C.W.

Properties and Advantages :

en-mulch-water-saving (1).png - Develops an airy and spongy soil that holds an ideal amount of water.
- Keeps soil loose and moist.
- Decreases irrigation water; saves water, time and money.
en-mulch-thermal-regulation-benefits-agr - Protects soil from thermal shocks, drying and drought.
- Regulates soil temperature.
- Ensures moisture balance.
avoids topsoil erosion - Avoids topsoil erosion.
- Resists evaporation and compaction.
en-agronomic-product-agresta.png - Enhances rooting, nutrition and growth.
- Contains a long-term source of fertility.
- It can serve as a cure for depleted and eroded soils.

Specific indications for use :

  • Implement to the properly leveled and weed-free area.
  • Spread 10 - 12 cm (100 to 120 litres / m²) around to the plants with a fork.

Packaging :

  • Deliver by truck (90 m3).

Data sheet

Type Bark
Component Hardwood
Dry matter / Raw matter 45 - 55% (± 5%)
Organic matter / Dry matter 95% (± 1%)
Conductivity 0.07 mS/cm
pH 6 - 7
Dry bulk density 540 - 590 kg/m3 (± 20 kg/m3)
Made in France


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