ORGANISOL : Top dressing for lawn

ORGANISOL® was specially developed for lawn renovation and regeneration. It provides an ideal microclimate to allow a smooth and fast growing of turfs. Our tried and trusted formula ensures a perfect aeration of soil and facilitates circulation of air, water and fertilizer. This ready to use mixture will prevent compaction and will encourage root growth.

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ORGANISOL® is a mixture of 3 components:
  • Volcanic sand: Provides more permeable and porous surface.
  • Stabilized wood chips: Reduces surface compaction and facilitates airflow.
  • Organic activator: Provides essential nutrients and improves soil structure.
ORGANISOL® ensures a perfect aeration of soil and facilitates circulation of air, water and fertilizer.
ORGANISOL top dressing facilitates circulation of air, water and fertilizer.

Application Areas :

  • Gardens, lawns, turfs and rolled sods.
  • Sports fields (golf courses, football fields, etc.).
  • Being a seedbed during relining operations, renovation and maintenance of lawns.
  • Repairing damaged areas after mechanical operations of maintenance or creation of lawns.
  • It is also used by professionals to improve production and quality of their turf.
ORGANISOL - Top dressing - Lawn renovation for sports grounds, golf courses.

Properties and Advantages :

en-mulch-water-saving (1).png - Aerates and loosens soil, retains moisture.
- Ensures better water and nutrient penetration.
- Improves lawn quality and soil structure.
- Slows evaporation and nutrient losses from the soil surface.
- Decreases watering; saves water, time and money.

- Enhances rooting.
- Stimulates soil microbial life.
- Aiding in recovery from damage or vertical mowing.

- Provides an ideal climate to allow a smooth and rapid growth of seedlings.
- Protects grass over winter and reduces damages due to climatic variations.

Dosage for Different Applications :

  1. Mixing with soil BEFORE seeding : Incorporate 8-10 liters / m² ORGANISOL® with the first 5 cm of soil before seeding.
  2. Mixing with seeds (Direct Sowing) : Mix 15-20 gr seeds / m² (based on the type of mixture) with 5 liters ORGANISOL®. Equalize mixture all over the soil and rake top dressing material to cover all the area.
  3. Spreading onto grass : (After aeration, dethatching and demossing) Spread 3-7 liters / m² ORGANISOL® to soil surface. Take back side of a rake or a topdressing tool and work ORGANISOL® into grass to the soil level. There should be no visible remaining top dress on the grass.

Recommendations :

  • Remove moss and /or weeds by appropriate techniques.
  • Mow grass as short as possible.
  • Loosen soil by an aerator or a lawn dethatcher.
  • Dispose of all waste.
  • Spread 4-5 liters / m² ORGANISOL and equalize well with the back side of a rake or a topdressing tool.
  • Sow lawn adapted to environmental conditions (drought, moist, etc.) and usage (ornamental, sports fields, etc.).
  • Roll surface with a lawn roller and keep it moist until germination is completed.
Note: ORGANISOL® can be used in all types of sandblasters.
ORGANISOL - Ready to use topdressing for lawn.

Data sheet

Standard NFU 44551
Particle size 0 / 3 mm
Dry matter / Raw matter 80 % ± 2
Organic matter / Dry matter 11 % ± 1
Water holding capacity 396 ml / l
pH 5.37


Packaging :

3 packaging solutions are available:

ORGANISOL - Packaging - 30L bags. IN PALLET :
30L bags.
Weight: Approx. 15 kg each.
Each pallet is composed of 45 bags (9 layers of 5 bags).
Pallets are equipped with a top sheet and covered by polypropylene film for protection against dust and moisture.
ORGANISOL - Packaging - 500L big bags. IN BIG BAG :
500L big bags.
Weight: Approx. 250 kg each.
ORGANISOL - Packaging - Delivery by dump truck.
Deliver by dump truck.


ORGANISOL - Documentation

To have more information about ORGANISOL, please download the file below:

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