RESINS PU-R 181 & PU-R 183 : Porous Surfacing

Polyurethane resins PU-R 181 and PU-R 183 are ready for use liquid products. They don't require hardener or thinner during implementation. Transparent resin allows wood chips to keep their colour and gives a brighter, modern look. Ideal for making permeable, aesthetic and durable surface.

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AGRESTA offers resin as an alternative to cement and wood chips instead of gravels for making porous surfaces. Resin bound system has voids across the surface which allows air to flow and surface water to filter through the structure. It is highly suitable for paths, tree pits and areas prone to standing water. Porous surface made with wood aggregate and resin is non-slippery and also ideal for wheelchair access.

PU-R 181 or PU-R 183, How to choose a resin?

RESIN PU-R 181: Non-Yellowing
PU-R 181 is a transparent, polyurethane resin for all decorative applications. It is not affected by sunlight. It is recommended for white and light-coloured aggregates. This resin is able to keep original colour of aggregates. There won't be any yellowing due to sunlight in time, because it is UV resistant.

PU-R 183 is a non-UV resistant, polyurethane resin. It will be affected by sunlight, so its colour will change to a darker shade. It is perfectly compatible with dark-coloured aggregates.

Where can resin bound systems be used? :

  • Forecourts, courtyards

  • Terraces and garden paths

  • Roof gardens

  • Pathways, walkways

  • School yards

  • Tree pit surrounds

  • Decorative resin bound paved areas

  • Landscapes of parks and public gardens

  • Urban development (pavements, roundabouts, etc.)

  • Conservatories and show rooms

Advantages of resin bound systems :

  • Durable quality : Provides a hard and long lasting surface.
  • Natural appearance : Combination of coloured or natural wood chips and clear resin binder gives a natural look.
  • No loose aggregate : Keeps surface clean.
  • No standing water : Rainwater and/or excess water penetrates through the surface due to its permeable nature.
  • Flexible in design : Can be laid over in a large range of colours and in any shape.
  • A liquid resin system : Quick and easy to install, doesn't require hardener or thinner during implementation.


Recommendations :

- Work during dry weather and a temperature equal or more than 12°C. The higher the temperature is, the more fluid the resin will be.
- Take precautionary measures (work clothes, leather gloves).
- Always use a container (wheelbarrow, plastic container, etc.) with a capacity of at least twice volume of aggregate.
- Use only ORGACOLOR® sold in 50 liters bags to be sure to have a non-humid aggregate.
- Mineral aggregates must be dry and dust free.
- Resin sets quickly in most cases within 60 minutes, mixture needs to be applied quickly with smoothing out before becoming too stiff to manipulate.
- After applying, it takes 8 to 10 hours to complete curing properly, depending on the ambient air humidity.
- Cleaning tools is easier if you do not overdose resin and if mixing is well done.

Mixture :

Aggregate and resins are agitated together in a mixer according to the ratio below:
  • ORGACOLOR®: 1 volume of resin poured onto 10 volumes of wood aggregate.
  • MINERAL AGGREGATE: Resin's weight has to be 4% of aggregate's weight.

Implementation :

1 - Determine thickness (depth) of the surface (7-8 cm); flatness should be very regular.
2 - Compaction and drainage of the under layer must be uniform over the entire surface.
3 - Protect borders to avoid the overflows.
4 - Pour mixture according to the desired thickness when all the aggregates evenly shine.
5 - Equalize and adjust with a rake to create a leveled surface.
6 - Press the surface with a dry trowel (dry it with a fabric soaked into solvent or LISSANT 103*).
7 - Protect the area and prevent access for 24 hours.
8 - The surface can be cleaned by using paint solvent (Nettoyant 104*).

*By request from our sales department.


BINDERS - Documentation

To have more information about BINDERS AND AGGREGATES, please check the file below:

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