MULCHEO® Natural is a spruce wood chip, exclusively derived from the forests of Vosges. It does not contain any recycled waste and has not been chemically treated. MULCHEO® was developed to protect and highlight small plants in gardens. Its perfect calibrated size decorates landscapes and makes them look clean for years.

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Selected logs are first crushed then sieved and graded into 4 - 10 mm wood chips. After this process the particles are heated and are dried to eliminate any pathogenic risk. The particles are then mineralized to provide high quality and long-lasting properties. Its life expectancy is 3 to 5 years.

Application Areas :

This small size mulch is specifically adapted to small plants and vegetables. MULCHEO guarantees an excellent covering of the surface.
  • Vegetables, fruits (eggplant, cucumber, melon, pepper, tomato, etc.)
  • Perpetual plants or perennials (artichokes, asparagus, strawberry, rhubarb, etc.)
  • Bush with small fruits (blackcurrant, raspberry, redcurrant, etc.)
MULCHEO® Natural can be used indoors or outdoors and mainly in:
  • Planters, flower boxes, pottery.
  • Gardens, greenhouses, terraces, patios, porches, flower beds, grasses, roses, etc.

MULCHEO NATURAL long lasting small size mulch for vegetables and plants

Properties and Advantages :

MULCHEO wind resistant mulch - Resistance to wind.
- Prevents topsoil erosion.
- Reduces water evaporation from soil.
MULCHEO high quality mulch - Enhances rooting and growth.
- Shields plants' roots and helps anchor soil or subsoil.
- Increases biological quality of soil.
MULCHEO natural mulch with water retention property - Develops an airy and spongy soil that holds an ideal amount of water.
- Keeps soil loose and moist, ensures moisture balance.
- Decreases irrigation water; saves water, time and money.
MULCHEO natural mulch regulates soil temperature - Protects soil from thermal shocks, drying and drought.
- Regulates soil temperature.
- Limits freeze and thaw damage.
MULCHEO HIGH QUALITY NATURAL MULCH - Plant origin is 100% unpolluted, thinning woods from the forest maintenance work.
- Durable quality: Protects its appearance and properties long years.
MULCHEO ecologic mulch - Ecological, non-toxic, clean and dust-free product.
- Environmentally responsible production.

Direct seeding Mulch-based Cropping system (DMC) allows soil to be similar to natural ecosystem and provides an ideal habitat for many living organisms. DMC is an alternative to usage of plant protection products and it has significant advantages on agro-environmental plan.

Specific indications for use :

  • Implement to the properly leveled, weed-free area.
  • Spread 2 - 3 cm (20 to 30 litres / m²) according to the application: protection or decorative appearance.
  • Watering after application will facilitate the arrangement of chips.
  • Do not to cover the trunks of plants or vegetables.
  • Burying the mulch at the end of culture will enrich soil with humus.

Data sheet

Type Wood chips
Component Spruce
Particle size 4 - 10 mm
Dry matter / Raw matter 75 % (±5%)
Organic matter / Dry matter 97.3% (± 1%)
Water holding capacity 289 ml/l
Conductivity 0.46 mS/cm
pH 5.0 - 5.5
Dry bulk density 150 Kg/m3 (+/- 20 Kg/m3)
Made in France


Packaging :

3 packaging solutions are available:

MULCHEO Packaging - Pallet IN PALLETS :
50L bags.
Weight: Approx. 10 kg each.
Dimensions of the bag: H = 600 mm, W = 400 mm, T = 150 mm.
Each pallet is composed of homogenous 60 bags (12 layers of 5 50L bags).
Pallets are covered by polypropylene film for protection against dust and moisture.
MULCHEO - Packaging - 500L big bags. IN BIG BAGS :
500L big bags.
Weight: Approx. 100 kg each.
Dimensions of the big bag: H = 171 cm, W = 625 mm, L = 625 mm.
MULCHEO - Packaging - Delivery by dump truck. IN BULK :
Deliver by dump truck (90m3).


Mulch Catalogue

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