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Located in the heart of the Vosges Mountains, AGRESTA is specialized in the production and distribution of stabilized wood chips. Our R&D policy has led us many innovations and the creation of a wide range of product. Its patented industrial process guarantees consistent quality and sustainability. Today AGRESTA is in different sectors :

1) Environment & Landscape :

Production of high quality wood aggregates allows many applications on landscape. AGRESTA offers a wide range of products to improve, embellish, decorate and protect your environment. These highly qualitative products meet all needs of landscapers, communities or individuals.
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2) Construction :

Wood aggregates can replace gravel and a part of sand in concrete mixtures in order to produce light, resistant and insulating screeds. This ecological solution is used for many applications in modern construction or in renovation. It provides superior comfort by reducing noise propagation and heat loss.
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3) Industry :

Combination of lightness and thermo-acoustic insulation properties makes wood concrete ideal for prefabricated modular construction.
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Noise barriers with AGRESLITH-C wood aggregates