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PAILLEO : Straw mulch

PAILLEO is a mulch of pure shredded cereal straw. Selected logs are crushed and then compressed under pressure (approximately 80 bar) with temperature increase approaching 75 ° C. It is clean; it breaks down easily and provides plants with more of what they need to grow. Particle size is 8 mm diameter. Its life expectancy is 12 to 18 months.

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PAILLEO high quality straw mulch

Application Areas :

It is ideal for vegetable gardens, annual and biennial plants, perennials and grasses.

Properties and Advantages :

PAILLEO  straw mulch, durable quality - Durable quality.
- Clean and dust free.
- Protects its appearance and properties long years.
PAILLEO natural straw mulch - 100% natural, ecologic product.
- Environmentally responsible production.
PAILLEO  straw mulch, wind resistance - Provides wind resistance.
- Prevents erosion by protecting soil from wind and rain.
- Conserves soil moisture by reducing evaporation.
PAILLEO  straw mulch, enhances rooting - Incorporates into soil and provides nitrogen for next crop.
- Enhances rooting, nutrition and growth.
- Shields plants' roots and avoids weed growth.
- Helps roots anchor the soil.
PAILLEO  straw mulch, saves water, time, money - Develops an airy and spongy soil.
- Keeps soil loose and moist.
- Ensures moisture balance.
- Decreases irrigation water; saves water, time and money.
PAILLEO  straw mulch, regulates soil temperature - Insulates plant roots from extreme temperatures.
- Reduces impact of climatic variation and protects soil.
- Regulates soil temperature.
- Limits freeze and thaw damage.

Specific indications for use :

  • Implement to the properly leveled, weed-free and not grassy area.
  • Apply regularly 3 - 5 kg / m2.
  • Water progressively for disintegration and for the arrangement of the straw mulches.
  • Tip : 1/1000 dilution of Aquamix in the irrigation water increases the speed of implementation; valid 1/100 with Dosatron technique.
  • Expandability: To achieve 2.5 to 3 cm thickness; spread 3.5 to 5 kg pellets per m² and add gradually 15-18 litres of water / m² to facilitate the arrangement of chips.

Data sheet

Standard NF U 44-551
Component Straw
Particle size Diameter of 8 mm
Dry matter / Raw matter 92.40% (± 5%)
Organic matter / Dry matter 93.10% (± 1%)
Water holding capacity 2200 ml/L
Conductivity 2.41 mS/cm
pH 7.22
Dry bulk density 538 kg/m3 (± 20 kg/m3)
Made in France
C/N 60 - 120


Packaging :

PAILLEO Packaging - Pallet IN PALLETS :
25 Kg bags.
Each pallet (100 x 130 cm) is composed of 40 bags.
Pallets are covered by polypropylene film for protection against dust and moisture.


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