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Granulats pour la construction modulaire

Lightweight precast concrete made with AGRESLITH-C® is eco-friendly and can be used for any kind of construction and renovation. Combination of wood and concrete ensures thermal-acoustic insulation. Besides its energy efficiency and aesthetic versatility, it also provides outstanding durability (resistant to rot, mold growth, etc.) and rapid construction.


Lightweight concrete made with mineralized wood chips, AGRESLITH-C®, is an ecological alternative for modular construction. It combines all of the structural advantages of concrete with the aesthetic quality of wood.

Properties and Advantages :

  • Source materials, wood chips and cement, are 100% natural. There is no polystyrene plastics or foams used in the manufacturing process.
  • Usage of renewable raw material from forest maintenance works.
  • Due to its composition, it absorbs more CO2.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable building materials.
  • Rapid construction, less labor demand.
  • Reduces dead loads: Saves shipping costs and handling costs.
  • Energy-efficent buildings: Reduced heating and cooling costs.
  • Durability: Less maintenance costs.
  • Fire Resistance: Concrete with AGRESLITH-C® is nonflammable (classified M1); it does not burn, melt or sustain a fire.
  • No toxic gas emission: Unlike polystyrene or foam based concrete; concrete with AGRESLITH-C® doesn't release of toxic smoke during a fire.
  • Earthquake Resistance: Protection against natural catastrophes such as earthquakes. Wood concrete walls absorb vibrations without much damage.
  • By choosing AGRESLITH-C®, one can expect to reduce the weight of a cubic meter of concrete to approximately 500 kg/m3 to 1,100 kg/m3 or a maximum potential reduction of approximately 75% by dry weight.
  • Conventional concrete is a poor insulating material while lightweight concrete made of AGRESLITH-C® provides highly effective acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • 10 cm concrete with AGRESLITH-C® reduces noise up to 55dB.
  • Concrete with AGRESLITH-C® allows the installation of screws and nails without using drill or rawlplug.
  • Mineralized wood chips coated with cement, has the characteristic of storing and releasing moisture (water vapor -not liquid water) depending on the environmental conditions.
  • It regulates indoor RH (relative humidity) levels at a healthy and comfortable level.
  • Stocks 350Kg of CO2 / m3.
  • No CO2 emission into the air.
  • Concrete with mineralized wood chip AGRESLITH-C® is compatible with chemical admixtures such as superplasticizer.
  • Precasted elements made with AGRESLITH-C® can be done on vibrating table.
  • AGRESTA is able to produce wood chips in any size according to the characteristics of your project (0-3 mm, 4-10 mm, 10-20 mm or specific size).
  • Unlike polystyrene, mineralized wood chips' storage is very easy. It can be stocked in bulk. It doesn't fly or pollute the production area.

AGRESLITH-C wood aggregate

Please check our documentation about lightweight concrete made of wood aggregates :

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