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LUDOSOL® is a shock absorbing material for playground surfaces. A 25 cm layer of wood chips protects children from serious head injury to a fall of up to 3m. In accordance with European Standard EN 1176-1. It is mineralized in order to be more durable, long-lasting and hygienic. 5 colours are available to make playgrounds more attractive and enjoyable.

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Choosing the best surface for your school, neighborhood or backyard playground is important for maximizing play and minimizing injury. AGRESTA's long lasting aggregate is safe and free from toxic chemicals or substances that could cause injuries or illnesses.

LUDOSOL shock absorbing wood chips for playground surfaces

Properties and advantages :

Properties :

Easy to install, playground surfacing - Easy to install.
- Light, clean and dust free.
- Fast and economic installation.
Pure unpolluted playground surfacing - Natural Product.
- Raw material comes from forest maintenance works.
- Non-toxic to humans, flora and fauna.
Non abrasive playground surfacing - Non-abrasive.
- Extends lifetime of equipment, paints and ropes.
- Reduces maintenance costs.
Ecologic playground surfaces - Environmentally responsible production.
- Certified by PEFC.
- AGRESTA tries to minimize its impact on environment.

Advantages :

  • Provides better shock absorption than sand or gravel.
  • Manufacturing technique of LUDOSOL® eliminates all splinters and dust. Its particle size ensures stability and surface homogeneity.
  • Safe for eyes and face if it is thrown, unlike sand or gravel.
  • Safe for surrounding elements: LUDOSOL® is not a projectile which can cause damage to vehicles or houses (windows, doors, etc.). There won't be any danger during its possible dispersion in lawns, especially for blades of lawn mowers.
  • Non-polluting for the environment, LUDOSOL® is reusable as mulch and compostable in later life.

Production method :

Various operations carry out during production phase of LUDOSOL® to provide the highest quality product for both professional and individual usage:
First step is selecting the best raw material which is not previously used to be able to offer pure, unpolluted and consistent wood chips. LUDOSOL® is made by precisely defined and controlled spruce logs. Wood is crushed and sieved to remove any splinters and dust. Wood chips are passed through an oven at a high temperature to remove phenols and tannins which are precursor agents for wood decomposition. Lastly, wood chips are split up according to their particle size of 6 to 20 mm to ensure stability and homogeneity of the product.

In accordance with European International Standard EN 1176-1 : Impact Absorbing Playground Surfaces.

LUDOSOL impact absorbing playground surfaces

Colour chart :

LUDOSOL® is available in 5 different colours (Yellow, Blue, Red, Green and Natural).

LUDOSOL safety security coloured playground surfacing

Implementation and maintenance :

What is required thickness for implementation?

Required thickness depends on playground equipment's height (FFH).

LUDOSOL Shock absorbing playground surfaces Required thickness Free fall height

How to calculate required amount of wood chips for your surface?

To calculate necessary amount of LUDOSOL, use the formula below:

Surface in m2 x Thickness in meters x 1.2 = Required Quantity (m3)

Ex: 50 m2 area with play equipment which has a FFH (Free Fall Height) bigger than 1.50 m; 50 x 0.3 x 1.2 = 18 m3.


1 - Excavate area according to required depth.
2 - Spread wood chips according to the dimensions and the accessibility of the area;
In bulk: Truck can directly dump the LUDOSOL to the playground.
Maxi Bags: Hang 2 or 3 bags to the lifting equipment and then cut the base of the bags with a cutter. Products will flow on its own.
3 - Trowel the surface.

LUDOSOL impact absorbing wood chips for playgrounds Implementation


- Maintenance frequency depends on attendance of the playground.
- Remove all papers and other waste on the surface.
- Maintain initial thickness around the fall zone.
- A rotary hoe is necessary once or twice a year in order to aerate the surface. Breaking down microbial life will significantly extend life of wood chips.
- Every 2 to 3 years, after aeration, spread new wood chips onto the surface (20-30 liters/m2) to maintain the initial thickness.
- End of its life, LUDOSOL is removed from the play area and due to its reusable property it could be used as natural mulch for shrubberies without any cost for 2 & 3 years. LUDOSOL's agronomic properties are comparable to the conventional natural mulches.

Important: Surface maintenance is essential to ensure shock absorbing properties of wood chips.

Safety and security :

- No splinter : Size and flexibility of wood chips ensure splinter free material.
- Eye and face safety : Unlike sand, LUDOSOL® is a lightweight aggregate with no risk of projections.
- Non-abrasive : Extends durability of metal structures, paint, varnishes and ropes by not being abrasive.

LUDOSOL® is not a projectile that can damage homes and other surrounding elements. It meets EN 1177 Standard's requirements.

How do we measure the performance of a shock-absorbing surface?

To determine the HIC, an artificial head with an accelerometer is dropped from a certain height. Signal emitted by the accelerometer during impact on the ground to determine damping value of the HIC. CFH of safety ground must be equal to or more than Free Fall Height (FFH) of the equipment.

Do you know the Free Fall Height (FFH) of your equipment?

Knowledge of equipment's FFH is essential to select a suitable safety ground. It is determined by equipment manufacturer or a security certification company. FFH must be indicated on the instructions accompanying equipment. FFH is defined as the largest vertical distance between support of specially designed equipment for the body and impact surface underneath.
Thickness to be implemented depends on free-fall height of playground equipment and critical fall height of damping ground.

Test Results of LUDOSOL :

For this study, the thicknesses of 100 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm have been tested to determine the maximum critical drop height (moisture content 35%) according to the thickness of material.

LUDOSOL® has a substantial safety margin in case of breakdown during use.

LUDOSOL Impact absorbing playground surfaces - EN 1177 Test results

Packaging :

  • Pallet: 1 pallet = 60 bags of 50L (Min Order Quantity: 1 pallet = 3 m3)
  • Big Bag: 1 big bag = 500L (Min Order Quantity: 25 big bags = 12,5 m3)
  • Bulk: In m3 (Min Order Quantity: 35 m3)
LUDOSOL Playground surfacing Packaging 50L bags  big bags  bulk

LUDOSOL Documentation

Please check our documentation about LUDOSOL : Cushioning playground surfaces.

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