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AMI-NET : Anti-Defecation Liquid for Cats and Dogs

AMI-NET is a non-chemical anti-defecation product, designed to keep open air areas clean, without any animal waste. It differs from conventional repellents: while others' aim is sending animals away; AMI-NET just avoids their willingness to defecate to the protected area by creating a food smell atmosphere.

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Ami-net - anti-defecation liquid for cats and dogs

Application areas :

  • Parks and gardens (walkways, plantations, signposts, picket fence),
  • Sandboxes, playground surfaces,
  • Sidewalks, fences, walls, front doors.

Advantages :

  • AMI-NET is a natural product: Odorant used for this product evokes a sense of 'bowl atmosphere' which stimulates instinct for cleanliness of animals. Due to this reason animals' dejection is prevented from the protected areas.
  • AMI-NET is a non-toxic product: It is classified non-toxic to humans, fauna and flora. It can be applied on any type of surface to be protected. It does not stain.
  • AMI-NET has a long-term efficiency: It is effective from 3 weeks to several months under certain application and weather conditions. A nontoxic additive was added to fix its solubility and to keep its effectiveness during rain.
  • AMI-NET is economical: Thanks to its high concentration of 'active agents' and its long-term effectiveness AMI-NET is economical.

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