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PERMEO® is a mixture of engineered wood aggregate and cement which provides porous surface for many different applications. Its implementation is very easy and the result is very aesthetic. It is available in 9 different colours. It will give you a practical and hard-wearing surface with endless design possibilities.

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PERMEO® is an alternative to resin bound gravel or other permeable surfaces. It is mixed on site in a concrete mixer and hand laid onto a suitable surface. It provides an attractive, hard-wearing and low maintenance surface. Compared to other porous surfacing materials PERMEO® provides numerous advantages, still it is more economical and easier to implement.

Permeability :

Drainage capacity : from 500 to 700 liters water per minute on 7 cm thickness.
permeability drainage capacity

Application areas :

  • Urban developments : Tree surroundings, roundabouts, open areas
  • Park and garden development : Pathways for pedestrians, bicycles and strollers
  • Access ramp for disabled people
  • Campings, terraces and pergolas
  • Schoolyards
  • Cemeteries

Advantages et properties :

For tree surroundings :

- Makes tree pits cleaner.
- Adaptable to the growth of trunks.
- Resistant to deformations.
- Easy to implement and to maintain.
- Protects soil from heat and freeze.
- Reduces water evaporation from soil.


For draining surfaces :

- Provides excellent resistance on steep slopes: nonslip.
- Cleanliness and permanent security.
- Suitable for bicycles, strollers and wheelchairs (accessibility).

Durable and resistant - Durable colour stability.
- Resistant to occasional passage of light vehicles.
quick implementation - Quick and simple implementation (about 15 min for 5m² area).
porous permeable surface - Lets water penetrates immediately.
- Prevents puddling.
resistance to climatic variations - Auto-Regulation of surface temperature.
- Resistance to frost and climatic variations.
easy cleaning - Easy maintenance (with blowers or vacuum and water). made in france - Made in France since 1977.

Colour chart :

colour chart - PERMEO porous surfacing

Depending on chosen cement type (grey or white) and colouring powder, mixture provides different colours to match surfaces with their environment.

PERMEO : zones application du béton drainant

PERMEO : Porous surfacing

For more information on PERMEO : Porous surfacing, please check our documentation.

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