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ORGACOLOR is a wood aggregate used with resin to create permeable surfaces. It is available in 23 colours. Transparent resin allows wood chips to keep their colour and gives a brighter, modern look. It is an alternative to traditionally used gravels. It surrounds tree pits with a solid and flexible surface which prevents a buildup of litter.

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Properties :

  • Polyurethane resins PU R 183 and PU R 181 are ready for use liquid products. They do not require hardener or thinner during implementation.
  • Resin is mixed with ORGACOLOR wood aggregates o obtain a hardwearing and resistant surface in time. It also provides maximum permeability.

Application areas :

Tree pits School yards Pavements
Cycle paths Pedestrian streets Poolsides
Walkways of parkings Pathways Tramway road

PU R 181 or PU R 183, Which resin to choose? :

Résine pour revêtement de sol drainant - non jaunissante PUR 181 Choose PU R 181 for white and light coloured aggregates. This resin is able to keep their original colour. There won't be any yellowing due to sunlight in time, because it is UV resistant.
Résine pour revêtement de sol drainant - jaunissante PUR 183 Choose PU R 183 for dark coloured aggregates. This resin is not UV resistant. It will be affected by sunlight, so its colour will change to a darker shade. It is perfectly compatible with dark coloured aggregates.
Diluant nettoyant

Cleaner - Smoother 1092 is a multi-purpose product for :

  • Cleaning : For tools (Mixer, rake, trowel, etc.).
  • Smoothing : To avoid aggregates sticking onto trowel.
  • Diluting : If primary gripping is necessary. Dosage : 10%.

Mixture and implementation :


- Work during dry weather and at a temperature equal or more than 12°C. The higher temperature you have, the more fluid resin will be.
- Take precautionary measures (work clothes, leather gloves).
- Always use a container (wheelbarrow, plastic container, etc.) with a capacity of at least twice volume of the aggregate.
- Use only ORGACOLOR® sold in 50 liters bags to be sure to have a non-humid aggregate.
- Mineral aggregates must be dry and dust free.
- Resin sets quickly in most cases within 60 minutes, mixture needs to be applied quickly.
- It takes 8 to 10 hours to complete curing properly, depending on the ambient air humidity.
- Cleaning tools is easier if you do not overdose resin and if mixing is well done.


Aggregate and resin are agitated together in a mixer according to the ratio below:

ORGACOLOR® : 1 volume of resin poured onto 10 volumes of wood aggregate.
MINERAL AGGREGATE: Between 3% to 5% of aggregate's weight of resin poured onto mineral aggregate according to its surface porosity and size.


1 - Prepare thickness (depth) of the surface (7-8 cm); flatness should be very regular.
2 - Compaction and drainage of under layer must be uniform over the entire surface.
3 - Protect borders to avoid overflowing.
4 - Pour mixture according to desired thickness when all the aggregates evenly shine.
5 - Equalize and adjust with a rake to create a leveled surface.
6 - Press the surface with a dry trowel (dry it with a fabric soaked into solvent or LISSANT 103*).
7 - Protect the area and prevent access for 24 hours.
8 - Surface can be cleaned by using paint solvent (Nettoyant 104*).

*By request from our sales department.

Packaging :

Two solutions are available:

A complete kit*: ORGACOLOR® + Resin + Technical data sheet
Resin (mineral aggregates purchased from another dealer) + Technical data sheet

Products will be shipped 5 working days after your request.

Packaging details of ORGACOLOR® :

ORGACOLOR® 50 liter bag.
Weight: approx 8.5 kg.
Dimensions of the bag: L = 400 mm, l = 600 mm, h = 150 mm.
Maximum 12 layers of 5 bags (one pallet of 60 bags).
Pallets are equipped with a top sheet and filmed to protect against dust and moisture.

Resins :

PU R 181 is available in 5 kg, 20 kg and 110 kg.
PU R 183 is available in 5 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg and 110 kg.

* Contact us for an estimate needed quantity for your project.


Please check our documentation ‘BINDERS and AGGREGATES’ for more information.

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