COPEO Copper

COPEO® Copper is an eco-friendly coloured mulch, derived from softwood sawmills. This colourful version gives a modern look while decorating the planted area. Its characteristics provide durability and efficiency to it. COPEO® Copper is especially adapted for the protection and decoration of large plants. Its calibrated appearance makes your landscape look nice and clean.

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Particle size is 10 - 30 mm. Its life expectancy is 3 to 5 years.

Application Areas :

This mulch is particularly adapted to windy areas and slopes.
Ideal for trees, shrubs, roses, perennials, grasses, decks, patios, tubs and planters.
COPEO Copper decorative coloured mulch COPEO Copper protective coloured mulch COPEO Copper long lasting decorative coloured mulch

Properties and Advantages :

long lasting durable coloured mulch - Durable quality.
- Clean and dust free.
- Protects its appearance and properties long years.
easy implementation and maintenance coloured mulch - Quick implementation : 100 m2 in 15 min.
- Easy maintenance.
wind resistance coloured mulch - Resistance to wind.
- Prevents topsoil erosion.
- Reduces water evaporation from soil.
thermal resistant coloured mulch - Protects soil from thermal shocks, drying and drought.
- Regulates soil temperature.
- Limits freeze-thaw damage.

Specific indications for use :

  • The area needs to be weed-free and properly leveled before mulching.
  • Spread 4 - 8 cm (40 to 80 litres / m²) according to the application; protection or decorative appearance.
  • Watering after application will facilitate the arrangement of chips.
COPEO Copper eco-friendly coloured mulch COPEO Copper durable coloured mulch COPEO Copper long lasting coloured mulch

Data sheet

Type Wood chips
Component Softwood
Particle size 10 - 30 mm
Dry matter / Raw matter 85%
Organic matter / Dry matter 95
Water holding capacity 20%
Conductivity 5 mS/m
pH 5.5
Made in France


Packaging :



  • 50L bags.

  • Weight: Approx. 10 kg each.

  • Dimensions of the bag: H = 600 mm, W = 400 mm, T = 150 mm.

  • Each pallet is composed of 45 bags.

  • Pallets are covered by polypropylene film for protection against dust and moisture.


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