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Noise barrier with stabilized wood aggregates
  • Noise barrier with stabilized wood aggregates
  • Stabilized wood aggregates for noise barriers
  • White sound barrier with wood chips
  • Sound absorption - 50 dBa sound reduction
  • Noise barrier of all kinds of models
  • Sound barrier - ready to install

Wood aggregate for precast noise barriers

Noise barriers made with AGRESLITH-AC® are highly sound absorbent. They reduce noise of highways, railways or industrial noise sources by absorbing sound and transmitting it through cavities in the wall due to its porous surface. Energy is forced to follow a longer path over and around the barriers.

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Noise barriers made by cement-bonded wood chips are very absorbent and they offer effective sound insulation. Noise dissipates within cavities formed in the wall by wood aggregates. Unlike conventional noise barriers, noise is absorbed instead of reflected. Layers of wood-concrete noise barriers are usually prefabricated 4 to 5 meters in length and 140 to 190 mm in thickness with colour incorporated.

Advantages :

  • Durable at least 40 years.
  • Require minimal maintenance and provide low whole life costs.
  • Less shipping costs and fast construction.
  • Flexible in design - can have any profile, colour or size.
  • Can act as architectural elements and safety barriers.
  • Can be designed for installation at a variety of angles.
  • Resistant to fire and vandalism.
  • Resistant to rot, fungal growth, vermin and termites.
  • Reduces dead loads on the entire structure.

Properties :

Lightweight concrete with wood aggregates Lightweight: Up to 5 times lighter than conventional concrete sound barriers.
agreslith-phonique-isolation.png Acoustic performance: Noise barriers made with AGRESLITH-AC® are ranked A2, A3 and A4 according to the EN 1793-1 standard. They provide a sound reduction of approximately 50db.
concrete with wood chips - fire resistance. Fire Resistance: Concrete with AGRESLITH-AC® is nonflammable; classified M1.
FREEZE-THAW-RESISTANCE.png Freeze / thaw resistance: AGRESLITH-AC® concrete has passed the tests of the NF P18424 standard with success (300 cycles of -18°C to 9°C in complete immersion).
brine corrosion resistance Brine corrosion resistant: AGRESLITH-AC® concrete resists the aggression of deicing salts under the action of freeze / thaw cycles (scaling test RA88-01).

AGRESLITH-AC® meets all requirements of noise barriers production :

  • Height and length: Usage of AGRESLITH-AC® instead of gravel in precasted concrete does not limit the size of the project. Taller the barrier, more noise reduction will be. Its length must extend over the entire area to be protected to avoid compromising performance.
  • Location: AGRESLITH-AC® can be used in any location.
  • Aesthetic: The specificity of wood fibre in a concrete mix allows the manufacture of all kinds of models.
  • Durability: Walls made with AGRESLITH-AC® are significantly more durable than others made with traditional concrete.
  • Safety: Concrete made with AGRESLITH-AC® wood aggregates is strong and shock resistant.
  • Sustainability issues: AGRESLITH-AC® does not contain chemicals that cannot be recycled or safely disposed of.
  • Specific aggregate: AGRESTA produces any kind of wood chips either in standard sizes: 0/3 mm, 4/10 mm, 10/20 mm or according to your requirement. Our quality department ensures constant quality aggregate by monitoring and analysing all end-products.

AGRESLITH-C wood aggregate

Please check our documentation about lightweight concrete made of wood aggregates :

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