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PINEO : Pine mulch

PINEO® Natural is a pine mulch manufactured from debarked pine logs. This mulch is economic, long-lasting and doesn’t include recycled or previously used materials. Using this ecological mulch in your garden is the best way to protect your plants and to make your landscape look clean for years.

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PINEO® Natural 's particle size is 10 - 50 mm.
Its life expectancy is 3 to 5 years.

Application Areas :

PINEO® Natural is ideal for trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, patios, etc.

Properties and Advantages :

PINEO economic pine mulch
- Economic, ecological and natural poplar mulch.
- Protects its appearance and properties long years.

PINEO wind resistant pine mulch
- Provides wind resistance.
- Avoids topsoil erosion.

PINEO pine mulch with water retention capacity
- Develops an airy, spongy soil.
- Holds an ideal amount of water.
- Decreases irrigation water; saves water, time and money.
PINEO economic pine mulch regulates soil temperature
- Protects soil from climatic variations.
- Regulates soil temperature.
- Insulates plant roots from extreme temperatures.

PINEO economic pine mulch enhances rooting
- Shields plants' roots.
- Enhances rooting and growth.
- Limits weed growth.

PINEO economic pine mulch quick implementation
- Quick implementation : 100 m2 in 15 min.
- Easy maintenance.

Specific indications for use :

  • Implement to the properly leveled and weed-free area.
  • Spread 4 - 10 cm (40 to 100 litres / m²) according to the application: protection or decorative appearance.
  • Watering after application will facilitate the arrangement of chips.

Packaging :

  • Deliver by truck (90m3).

Data sheet

Standard NF U 44-551
Type Wood chips
Component Pine
Particle size 10-50 mm
Dry matter / Raw matter 57.90% (± 5%)
Organic matter / Dry matter 97.60% (± 1%)
Water holding capacity 150 ml/l
Conductivity 0.13 mS/cm
pH 6,77
Dry bulk density 116 kg/m3 (± 20 kg/m3)
Made in France
C/N 200 - 300


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