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ORGACOLOR® is a high quality, ecological and long-lasting decorative mulch. 23 colours are available in order to match with your environment. It can be used for various applications to give an aesthetic look or to highlight plants, objects or areas.

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ORGACOLOR colourful high quality decorative coloured mulch
Light, clean and dust free ORGACOLOR® is a colored mulch for decoration which is available in 23 colours. Quick and easy installation process of ORGACOLOR® allows it to be used for many different purposes.

ORGACOLOR Colourful Decorative coloured Mulch, brown mulch, red mulch, yellow mulch, green mulch, blue mulch, purple mulch

Technical data sheet :

  • Type : Wood chips
  • Component : Spruce
  • Particle size : 4 / 10 mm
  • Organic matter / Dry matter : 97.70 % (± 1%)
  • Water holding capacity : 162 %
  • Dry bulk density : 170 kg/m3 (± 20 kg/m3)
  • Made in : France
*Indicative data.

Properties and advantages :

mineralized high quality long lasting colourful wood chips - High temperature and mineralizing treatment to eliminate pathogenic risks.
- High quality and long-lasting wood chips with nice shine and perfect colour stability.
non toxic colourful wood chips Dyes used at the production are non-toxic organic pigments for people, flora and fauna.
wind resistance colourful wood chips - Resistance to wind.
- Prevents topsoil erosion.
- Reduces water evaporation from soil.
thermal resistant colourful wood chips - Protects soil from thermal shocks, drying and drought.
- Regulates soil temperature.
- Limits freeze-thaw damage.
ORGACOLOR high quality dust free-decorative colourful mulch, blue mulch, white mulch, red mulch

ORGACOLOR®, engineered decorative mulch, is produced with a patented technology and raw material is supplied from the forest maintenance works. Recycled or waste wood is not used to offer pure, unpolluted and consistent products.

Zones d'applications :

  • Decorative Mulching of flower beds, gardens, tree surroundings
  • Store decorating
  • Thematic Decorations (flower, snow, water, etc.)
  • Artistic decoration & production
  • Exhibitions / Shows / Special events
  • Logos, Emblems
  • Signage

Packaging :

  • 50L bags.
  • Weight: Approx. 8,5 kg each.
  • Each pallet is composed of 60 bags (12 layers of 5 50L bags).
  • Pallets are covered by polypropylene film for protection against dust and moisture.
ORGACOLOR coloured mulch bags 50L grey mulch, green mulch, red mulch, yellow mulch, blue mulch
ORGACOLOR colourful coloured mulch 25 colours

Orgacolor Documentation

Please check our documentation about ORGACOLOR : Decorative mulch for more information.

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Orgacolor Color Chart

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